Cats- You do not need to stay away from your cat during pregnancy. However, do avoid changing the kitty litter to decrease your risk of toxoplasmosis exposure.

Caffeine- One or two 8 oz caffeinated beverages (tea, coffee, Coke/Pepsi) each day is considered safe during pregnancy. A large coffee from your favorite coffee store is probably too much.

Exercise- We encourage you to be active during your pregnancy. Walking, jogging, yoga and swimming are all excellent ways to stay fit and healthy during this time. Try to avoid activities where you can fall and hit your abdomen, i.e. biking, water skiing, horseback riding, skiing/snowboarding, etc.

Old guidelines recommended keeping your heart rate below 140 beats/minute. This can be difficult to determine, so use this rule instead. Exercise to a level at which you can continue a simple conversation. Also, if you are not feeling quite right doing a particular exercise or working out at an intensity that you were used to, stop. It’s time to adjust your exercise regimen. Your ability to work-out may change during the pregnancy. Talk to your doctor if you are in a rigorous training program currently.

Gardening- Please wear gloves while gardening. Your yard is a like a litter box for the neighborhood.

Hair coloring- Getting your hair colored or highlighted is fine during pregnancy.

Hot tubs- Avoid hot tub, steam rooms and other related activities that would consistently elevate your core body temperature. Tub baths on the other hand, are safe as the water will cool down.

Massage- Massages are an excellent way to relax and help with some of the aches and pains that accompany a normal pregnancy. Just ask if they have experience with pregnancy massages prior to setting up your appointment. Enjoy!

Mosquito repellant- Continue to use mosquito repellant as needed. Avoid DEET related products.

Nail treatments- Getting acrylic nails or other nail services is fine during pregnancy.

Sexual relations- Sexual relations, including intercourse, are considered safe during pregnancy, unless you are otherwise instructed by your doctor.

Sun screen- Please continue to use sunscreen to protect yourself from skin damage.

Travel- Travelling by plane is considered safe until approximatey 34 weeks pregnant. International travel, cruises, etc are generally not recommended after the 2nd trimester (24 weeks). Beyond 24 weeks, if your pregnancy is considered low risk, you still may travel. However, keep in mind that if you or your baby’s health changes, you will be receiving medical care where ever you are. It may not be the same care you would receive in the United States. Remember, any travel plans may need to be changed or cancelled if the health of you or your baby changes and your doctor advises you against it.